Press Pass 

To apply for a Seattle "SFW" Fashion Week Press Pass, please read the FAQ and fill out the press accreditation form below.

Seattle "SFW" Fashion Week guarantees a select number of press passes to bloggers, journalists, photographers and videographers to cover each night of events. Seattle "SFW" Fashion Week schedules Private Press Conference and Media Mix & Mingle's to the awarded press candidates.

Bloggers and Journalists will be given special seats during the shows. Photographers and Videographers will have their own designated area to shoot. Photographers and Videographers found to be shooting outside of this area may be asked to leave the venue immediately and press access permanently revoked.


Q. What is the commitment level for a photographer/videographer to shoot at an SFW event?

A. All approved shooters are required to render all photos and footage captured at the end of each event night to SFW. Shooters are prohibited from releasing any images or video footage, unless given written approval or unless the images/video footage has been released by SFW into the public domain. We take very seriously the responsibility of protecting our stakeholders from any content that may project them in a negative light. If you are unclear on our terms and would like more details, please email your questions to

100% credit will be given to the photographer/videographer for the selected images chosen to be released.

Q. If I submit an application, will I be on the press list?
A. All applications are reviewed and if approved, we will email you and/or invite you to attend the Private Press Conference and Media Mix & Mingle to receive your press pass/badge. This application is NOT a press pass.

Q. Are press passes valid for all shows and events?
A. Press passes are valid for a period of three months during the off-season of Fashion Week. Off-season passes are valid for access to cover all shows and events, except for after-parties and private invite only affairs. 

Q. How many people can be acccredited from each press organization?
A.  Each person must submit an application.

Q. Do you cover travel expenses for members of the press?
A. No.

Q. When can I expect to receive my press pass?
A. Press passes are emailed starting 21 days before the event.

Q. Can I attend if my media credentials are not active?
A. Non-press are welcome to purchase tickets to any publicly available events.

Please contact with any questions.



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Seattle "SFW17" Fashion Week would like to thank USB Memory Direct for sponsoring the Press Passes and USB Drives.